My Before Social Media Life Story

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Today, I read this article about how people born in the late 70s and early 80s were the last generation not to have grown up consumed by social media and computers. It's true -- I didn't have Facebook until I was out of college. How weird is that, my young friends? I got MySpace even after I got Facebook, oddly enough. We got a computer when I was about 12 (I think). It was a big, old clunky thing that sat in the living room and I was just amazed I could type things that would just pop up on screen. When we first got it, my mom typed "Hi Ericka" on the screen before I came into the room and I just thought it was so cool. The closest thing we had to really occupying our time digital wise, was a nintendo but I've never been into … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Avoiding Milk

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*This is a collaborative post What is a dairy-free diet? Essentially, it’s a diet that avoids all milk – not just milk and its by-products (cheese, cream, butter etc) but also a whole host of foods that contain milk products where you least suspect. As such, going on a dairy free diet can be a big change, as so many foods contain dairy. The main reason why people want to cut dairy from their diets is an allergy to milk protein and lactose. These groups of people stick to the dairy-free diet for medical reasons. They just have no other choice. The only alternative to "regular" milk for them is its soy, coconut or rice equivalent. Intolerance to dairy products among adults is expressed in various dyspeptic disorders which are rarely … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Favorite Brands

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On this blog, I often do sponsored posts and run advertisements. Most of the time, I'm usually a huge fan of the products I work with but sometimes I want to give you guys a glimpse of what I love without anything attached! I have a few favorite things and you might as well get in on it too, right?! 1. Justin's Almond Butter. I pay out the wazoo for this stuff because it's so good. You don't have mix it up with a knife spilling "almond juice" out the sides like you do with most almond butters. It comes in the most delicious flavors -- vanilla, maple, honey, hazelnut (this one is dangerous, you will eat it directly from the can with a spoon!). 2. NARS. I have been using NARS "orgasm" blush for four years now. It came as a suggestion … [Read more...]

Medical Benefits of Compression Clothing

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Over the last few years compression clothing has been growing in popularity for a wide ranges of uses. Although mostly compression clothing is seen being used by athletes and people who exercise, it has also been useful in treating some medical conditions as well. Furthermore, the use of compression socks and stockings are seen to have had positive effects on those who have used them. Two areas where these products help most have been problems with circulation and problems caused by sleep apnea. The compression from the socks allows for more circulation in people who experience issues like deep vein thrombosis. Additionally, a recent study suggests that compression stockings may help cure sleep apnea, although some oppose that view. … [Read more...]