Why I Hate The “How Long Will It Take You to Burn It Off?” Thing

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*FYI: Win a free pack of LARABARS (bottom of post) Today I ran into an article telling me how many steps it would take to burn off a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Ugh! Talk about stealing the joy right out of my doughnut! Shape Magazine has a monthly section called "You Ate It. Negate It" dedicated to this irritating trend of documenting how many calories you need to burn off after eating the snack of the season. While I know that logically, you need to burn more calories than you take it to lose weight, the numbers game doesn't cut it for me. Why  must we think of every indulgence something that needs to be worked off? In my experience, those are short-lived solutions and you cannot keep up with the game. If I considered the … [Read more...]

Marine Corps Marathon 2014: My Race Day

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Hello race recap time for the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon! It's always so hard to collect your thoughts about the marathon because within 26.2 miles, a million thoughts and things swirl in your mind -- and ache on your body. Previous MCM recaps:  2013 (spectator's edition) 2012 (time: 3:58) 2011 (time: 4:57) 2010 -- no blog then (time: 4:24) 2008 -- no blog then (time: 4:35) FAIR WARNING: Marathon recaps are really long & kind of rambly. I like them that way :) I came into the race with far less miles on my feet than any marathon before. I was okay with that because honestly, running miles wasn't my priority for this season of my life but I still LOVE the marathon and wanted to run it. I made sure to prepare with … [Read more...]

Snacks for Hiking: I Got You Covered


“Thank you LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s post and helping me to get outside!” Hi everyone! Yes, I DID run the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday -- and a recap will be coming tomorrow. Promise! In the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of photos I posted on Instagram! Until last year, I didn't really think much about hiking or trails. I had always been one for city walking or running -- trails were a bit foreign. But things have changed, as you can see above. I've begun to LOVE the trails and realized how much more of a rich experience you can get from hiking and running on trails. Just two weeks ago, I ran a trail half-marathon and had a blast! I really discovered how much I love it, though, when I went to Sedona, … [Read more...]

Marine Corps Marathon 2014: The Two-Day Countdown!


Two days until the marathon! I'm feeling...nervous. Mostly because I'm so sore today! I figured working out Monday and Wednesday at CrossFit would be okay but somehow the workouts made me more sore than I've been in forever! It's my quads and my upper back muscles. I'm going to try and get into a massage place today for a bit -- something's got to give! In other news, the weather is looking fantastic. Does it get any better than this? I don't think so: Luckily, I've been reading the nutrition chapter in my NASM personal training studies this week and they talked a lot about what to eat for endurance workouts. Of course I've done this a lot but it's nice to get a reminder of how to stock up on carbs so race day is as good as it can … [Read more...]