Heart Setting: Mom-Mode, Duration: Permanent

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One of those things I didn't understand about motherhood until I got here is the emotion that comes with leaving your kid with a babysitter or in childcare. I never knew how I would feel about it but always thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I know he's only 12 weeks old -- still very new -- but I truly hate to think of him being in daycare or even with a childcare provider at all. Yesterday, I had my first real babysitter, outside of family help. She came to the house and I worked in the other room for 4 hours. It was an easy transition but I just think about all the smiles and sounds and moments I'm missing even from a few feet away! Oddly, I don't feel like this nearly as much if I'm busy doing things and my husband is … [Read more...]

Groundhog 7-Miler: First Race Report Since 2014!

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In 2015, I ran the least miles I have ever run since becoming a runner. I started sitting on the sidelines just about this time last year when my back issues came into play again -- and then pregnancy, which of course is the best reason :) Sciatica magically disappeared in month 8 of pregnancy and I soon began DREAMING of running full speed ahead down sidewalks, through trails, up hills, even on treadmills. When you can't run, the freedom of running sounds so completely amazing. I ran 2 verrrry slow miles about 5 weeks after giving birth. Since then, I've been running regularly around 10 miles a week. Not much but enough to get back into the game. It's been an awesome feeling -- no pain, no issues. Of course I was raring to get into a … [Read more...]

What I Learned About Life From My Baby This Morning

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*That's from Bob Goff's Instagram (he's awesome, you should follow him & read his book!) In the morning, I get Jacob up, feed him, change his diaper and set him below his mobile in crib. He immediately breaks into a huge smile. He's rested and ready for the day. Yesterday has passed and he's just HAPPY to be up, kicking around like this is the only place he wants to be. It reminds me so much of the verse that says "His mercies are new every morning." Like even if yesterday -- or every day -- is crappy in epic proportions, every morning is made NEW. I have had a couple of crappy days recently. Like days where I wound up crying in my closet and feeling totally out of control of my emotions. (Yes, hormonal new mom but also, … [Read more...]

Baby Weight: I Didn’t Know It Was So Hard to Lose One Pound

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Let me preface this by saying the baby weight thing is NOT a big deal in my life...but it is something that's been on my mind. I gained a little over 30 pounds during pregnancy, then swiftly lost about 15 pounds of it right after giving birth 10 weeks ago. Since then, I've...gained two pounds and remain at a standstill. Pre-baby: 145 pounds 9 months pregnant: 176 pounds Post-delivery: 158 pounds 10 weeks post-delivery: 159 pounds If nothing else, I'm surprised. I know it hasn't been that long but, I've been back to working regularly for well over a month and not even a little budge? Thankfully, I had no trouble getting back into exercise and honestly...don't even feel like I lost that much fitness! Considering I ran a mile … [Read more...]