About Time: Protein Shakes, Bars & Feeding Those Muscles


>>>>> Muscle Recovery: Why It's So Important If you've been following along lately, you know I've kind of been having a love affair with protein shakes. After I learned a bit about nutrition in my CPT course, I started to realize I was really putting myself at a disadvantage by not using protein correctly. Like many people, I thought "protein over carbs" in a pinch but there's so much more to it than that. I hadn't been properly fueling after my workouts -- which meant my hard working muscles weren't getting what they needed. Enter About Time protein powder & fruit nut protein bars. I'm all about easy, tasty and fast and this really works for me. As a CrossFitter who has gotten serious about building … [Read more...]

Muscle Recovery: Why It’s So Important


Why Muscle Recovery is so Important Most of us are familiar with the muscle soreness that often accompanies a tough workout. Whether it's from doing more reps than usual, adding on a bit more weight, or perhaps a combination of both, tired muscles can lead to a longer recovery. Building muscle and enhancing your strength is just one part of staying healthy. In order to be truly successful, you'll also need planned recovery time and a sufficient amount of down time. Muscle recovery is an essential part of any fitness regimen, although it can often get overlooked. What is Muscle Recovery? As the term suggests, muscle recovery is about letting the muscles recover sufficiently between workouts. Whether you prefer weight lifting, … [Read more...]

Wake Up Early: My Proven Methodology For Getting Up Every Day at 4:30am


I take a little pride in telling people I wake up early everyday at 4:30am. It sounds insanely early, right? I never thought I'd be THAT early of a bird --  but apparently I am. I often hear, "I don't know how you do that" or "You're crazy" or "I could never do that." It's not easy but, it works. I am kind of worthless after work and so, it's in those before-work hours that I cram in all of my productivity. That's how I juggle my many hats! By 9am, I've exercised, meditated, blogged, started dinner, done some writing, eaten breakfast and caught up on the news. No, I don't have kids -- yet :) So, how do I drag my tired butt out of bed at such an ungodly hour every weekday morning? Here ya go : Set ONE alarm. I do NOT hit … [Read more...]

Winter Blues: 9 Ways to Overcome Them in a Pinch


Winter Blues -- Let's Bust Through Happy Monday! Do I sound a little too excited for Monday morning? I've just realized that life has been pretty darn cool lately and...if you are in a January winter dump slump -- you might want to consider saving this list for your upcoming week/weekend. When the cold winter blues hit, I find the best thing to do is be pro-active and find something to do out of your routine. Here are a few ideas I've taken up over the past few weeks. 1. Get a little uncomfortable. It's not everyday you'll see me wearing a gigantic, sparkly headdress but it was just the thing to break out of a slump.  Just before this photo, we were playing homemade instruments and singing. It's a long story but sufficient to say -- … [Read more...]