18 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

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*Graphic from here. First of all, if you read my blog and don't care about pregnancy related stuff, sorry! I am not going to do these weekly like some people but figured I would do them from time to time. Today, I am 18 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good. I'm going to copy the format I've seen other ladies do on these because hey, I'm not original like that. Also, I'm not going do to weekly bump photos -- just occasionally later on when I see an actual bump. Baby Progress This week, baby is 5.5 inches long and weighs about¬†7oz -- the size of a Bell Pepper. So hilarious how all the baby books define your baby in terms of fruit and vegetables. He has fingerprints (for the FBI!) and can recognize sounds, as well suck his … [Read more...]

Charleston: A Weekend Away

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If you've read my blog for awhile, you will notice I end up in Charleston, South Carolina every so often. I actually lived in Charleston for a short time after college and so, it has a special place in my heart! Luckily, one of my best friends still lives there so I have a great excuse to go back and visit. The view from dinner at Vickerys: This weekend I was due for a trip and even better, there was a boat involved! The weather was good most of the time, though we did get caught in a downpour on the boat! Like hide your face, rain pelting you hard storm, but we got through it! On day #1, I headed to the beach and got a really bad sunburn on my back -- what?! I haven't had a burn in years. Woops! But I was just glad to get … [Read more...]

Gender Reveal: It’s A…!

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The Big Announcement Pregnancy Things I Wasn't Expecting We didn't do anything super-exciting for this gender reveal but I guess I gotta tell ya --right?! Okay -- I will spare you having to read to the bottom: It's a Boy! How We Found Out So two¬†Saturday mornings ago, I had the idea to call up the 3-D ultrasound place and see if they were open. I didn't think they would be -- or have any appointments -- but they were. We trekked down to the office first thing and we were asked if we wanted an early gender reveal. Well, duh! We definitely aren't going to wait until birth to find out. I can't imagine! The 3-D Ultrasound Facility So before we knew it, I was up on this princess-looking bed in a really nice room with a huge … [Read more...]

Am I the Only Wimp in Yoga?


So...yoga and barre are actually really hard if you do them right. You would think a girl who ran a bunch of marathons and loves crazy, intense heavy CrossFit workouts could handle a few 3-lb weights and some extra long downward dogs. But I'm a wimp. I swear I am the first person in class to let go of my pose. My legs start burning in barre and I'm out! I stare in awe at the people beside and in front of me, holding their poses for the full ten-count. What the heck? I'm not used to the burn. This is why I did did "Solidcore" once and said, never again. I hate that slow burn. At least with running, you're going somewhere. With CrossFit, there's always an end in sight. Yoga is slow, long, hard. And I'm the biggest wimp in class. … [Read more...]