Why It’s Important to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays (Win a Holiday Prize Pack Too!)


DC-area friends ----> Win a Holiday Prize Pack from Alive Juices! It  includes: 8 fresh-made juices from Alive Juices Health coaching session with Natalie Taggart, Certified Holistic Health Spa Retreat Package from Sugar House Day Spa *Click HERE and enter the Rafflecopter! Why It's Important to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays It’s nearly the thick of winter and Christmas is just around the corner. You may be tempted to drop your workout routine and continue through December without thinking of the gym once. But there is great benefit to keeping fit throughout the holidays -- for both mental and physical reasons. You’ll also be thanking yourself when January 1st rolls around and it’s time to “get back on track” -- as so … [Read more...]

Protein Powder: My Fitness Nutrition Revolution With GNC PUREEDGE


*Thanks to GNC PUREDGE for sponsoring today's discussion I've started a love affair with protein powder. I'm no nutritionist but most fitness peeps like myself know you need protein to build muscle effectively. For awhile, I was over all the protein people were yelling about. But that's because I wasn't actually using it. I've truly changed directions, though, and from here on out want to use it to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle -- one that fits the weight lifter (CrossFitter) in me! For My Muscles After talking to my husband  -- the guy who lifts weights and has actual big muscles to show for it -- I finally decided to start taking this protein stuff seriously. He convinced I wasn't getting enough protein, especially … [Read more...]

Infertility: Feeling Empty — Literally

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*My initial post on infertility My whole life, my stomach has always been something to keep flat -- or at least not too mushy. It's been the bikini's biggest battle and in those hard years, an obsession of the most debilitating kind. I've learned to fill it thoughtfully and without abuse, to enjoy what I put in it and work hard for a strong core that helps me complete power lifting moves better and protect my back. But it's never felt so empty as it does right now. I am certain this feeling isn't nearly as dramatic as it is for women who have suffered miscarriages but it's a feeling nonetheless. Where something was meant to grow and thrive is nothing but my gut -- which is healthy and happy -- but meaningless. I am a woman and my … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Your Fitness Friends Will LOVE This

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Does anyone else have the hardest time EVER finding the right gifts for people? I often feel like I'm wasting my money buying stuff that people may not even want. It's so stressful! It's a little easier for those of us that like fitness because you know there's always something more to add to our wardrobes -- whether it be shoes, capris, hoodies or headbands. But then there's the little trick of what brand, what items, what size. Gift Guide Solutions For Fitness Lovers I was excited to  learn about a really cool brand recently -- Icebreaker. It's new to me but then I was pouring over their website trying to narrow down what I wanted! Plus...they actually separated various fitness personas by category (I like "fitness … [Read more...]