CrossFit Family Style: The Klein Family


The family that CrossFits together....that's the theme of this month's feature spotlight for Trident CrossFit (cutest one yet!). I've seen Ben and Liz Klein WOD-ing it out at Trident since I started. What I didn't know until recently was that they had two adorable little girls that also get in on the action. With the mini-version of CrossFit offered on Saturdays -- CrossFit Kids -- 6-year-old Nora and 3-year-old Elsie have fun moving in constantly varied, functional ways. Of course, Elsie is still little too young for the official class but she can't wait until the time comes. Until then, she's watching from the sidelines with her Mom or Dad and mimicking movements as best she can. It's pretty awesome -- and convenient for them! -- … [Read more...]

7 Reasons I Love Barre Class

A photo at Pure Barre, one of the most popular barre studios in the country

A couple of years ago, I heard about a little fitness class called "barre." All I knew is it had something to do with a ballet bar and I haven't done a day of ballet in my life. A few months back I got the opportunity to attend two complimentary barre fitness classes at Barre Tech, a local studio just a mile from my house. I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed the class a lot! It was different but challenging in unique ways I wasn't used to. Since then, I've taken about 8 or 9 more classes and love adding them in for a change up from my normal CrossFit and running routine. 7 Reasons I Love Barre Class 1. Focus on Core. There's always a strong emphasis on training your core muscles -- especially because you are supposed to keep … [Read more...]

The Refresh Summit in Tennessee


First of all, I hope you are all following on Instagram because I've been having so much fun over there lately! You can follow me @Ericka81 if ya fancy! The Refresh Summit I spent the weekend just outside of Nashville, TN at the Refresh Summit with a great group of women, all gathered because of our love for faith, fitness and community. Blogging was also part of it for some -- like me ;) It had been years since I've done any kind of faith-based retreat. When I saw that my blogging friends Bobbi and Lindsay were involved, I knew I really wanted to go. All the ladies you see above were critical in putting together this weekend. Bobbi started Refresh with the inaugural event earlier this year. Amia was our speaker for the … [Read more...]

Tips for Better CrossFit Recovery


Whether you are just starting out with CrossFit, or you are a seasoned veteran, you know that allowing for optimal recovery is crucial. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to tell if you have recovered properly until you start your next workout of the day (WOD). You might think things are OK, but the minute you start you feel weak and you have trouble keeping up, every pistol is an agony and you’re lucky if you can even manage one pood (kettle bell). These are all sure signs that you haven’t fully recovered from your last WOD before starting the next one. Even though you don’t have to be hardcore to do CrossFit, you might still try to push through the fog and make it happen. Unfortunately, cheating your body of a full recovery can do you … [Read more...]