A No Good, Very Bad Diet Day

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You think I'm kidding? I'm not. Here's what I ate yesterday: 2 doughnuts granola bar Auntie Anne's pretzel half of a turkey/avocado sandwich nachos with cheese pint of Ben & Jerry's peanut butter core Sufficient to say, I had a screaming sugar headache and felt like complete garbage by the time I went to bed. Why did this happen, you may be asking? I didn't feel great in the morning and was at a breakfast meeting and this was all they had. Then I was kind of grazing throughout the day and didn't want to deny myself that Auntie Anne's when it called! Later, I felt like the day was "ruined" and I might as well throw down on that Ben & Jerry's I've been wanting to try for months. Since I had no real dinner to eat, I … [Read more...]

Post-Workout Recovery Changed My (Fitness) Life

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Normally, when we think about working out -- it's all about getting started. Just do it! That's the hardest part, right? So once you get started, you work your butt off and then you feel you've accomplished your big goal for the day. Unfortunately, when you're done counting down the minutes, your job isn't quite done yet. It took me YEARS to realize the importance of post-workout hydration and restoration. I'd go on long training runs and come back only to neglect proper hydrations, stretching and revitalizing. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I discovered the importance of post-workout fuel (protein!) and hydration (electrolytes!). You need to get them both -- and rather quickly -- when you are through sweating it … [Read more...]

Snacks with Almonds For the Win with Blue Diamond

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*This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Almonds are seriously one of the best foods on the planet. They're delicious, convenient and healthy all the at same time. The perfect snack to carry with you on long trips or just keep in your desk for when hunger strikes. Hello protein! Blue Diamond is the Kingmaker of almond-y goodness -- coming up with a gazillion amazing flavors you never knew you'd want (but you do!). I was excited to try out a new batch of sea salt and dark chocolate almonds this week! I also got a bag of regular sea salt flavored almonds and went to work with the snacks.  The great thing is, you can toss them in/on anything and you won't be disappointed! 1. Ice cream topping. I wasn't really sure how to best … [Read more...]

The Blend Retreat 2015: Boulder, Colorado

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*This post is sponsored by Balance Bar. Another successful Blend Retreat -- and even better this year! I'm SO glad I had the opportunity to attend Blend this year again on behalf of Balance Bar. The retreat itself really radiates balance in that it's not overwhelming and offers everyone time to do and enjoy what they really want. I actually feel like I got to know many more people this year than last year -- and have some really great conversations with some amazing women. Sometimes, you just need hours on end to connect with people in order to really experience quality moments and conversations. Socializing is a big part of Blend and even though, I always get a little nervous about lots of that -- it turned out to be just what … [Read more...]