Exercise Lately: Hot Yoga, Running, CrossFit

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*Check out my latest piece on Balance Bar: Getting the Most Out of the Last Few Days of Summer First of all -- I got such a wonderful response from my last post. I felt a little naked putting it out there but I knew I'd get good feedback and hear from others who could relate. Thanks for prayers & love :) Runner's World Half-Marathon, 10k & 5k: It's coming next month & I'm going to be there, along with a ton of other fabulous bloggers -- no to mention hundreds of runners and everyone from the Runner's World crew. I've got discount codes for EVERYTHING so click here & consider joining us! Running Lately I've definitely gotten in some awesome sunrise runs lately -- it feels awesome. The weather is perfect warm fall and … [Read more...]

When You Can’t Get Pregnant

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Infertility: When you can't get pregnant. Well, that's  me and I wasn't sure if I was ready to blog about it. No time has ever felt right but here it is. It's not a big secret, anyone close to me knows the deal and I'm usually kind of an open book on my life so I figured blog readers might as well be in on it. I've known for a long time that it would be tough for Rick and I get pregnant. And the reality is -- it hasn't happened, it's not happening. I feel more than ready to be a Mom -- more ready than I've ever felt in my life. I swear every woman in Target is pregnant, every woman at the grocery store or walking on the other side of the street. They're just walking along, all pregnant and taking it for granted. Well, what do I know? … [Read more...]

Going With My Gut & Bragging Rights


Bragging Rights: My Sister is a Cover Model! I should have gotten this up on the blog last week but if you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you've definitely already seen it -- and hopefully purchased a copy! Thanks to so many of you who voted for my sister to be the Women's Running cover model this month. We were so excited when she made it and it's finally a reality! As you'll note in the story, she is actually about 13 weeks pregnant when she had these photos taken (not that you can tell!) but I'm very excited for a new niece or nephew coming in January as well! Going with My Gut I've been fortunate to attend multiple blogger conferences over the past three years. I didn't even know they were a "thing" before I started … [Read more...]

Sedona: One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth


It was blogging from Sedona because the internet was extremely slow! But I wanted to check in and say hello! How are you? I hope you are having a fabulous September week! I hadn't been to Arizona since Scottsdale, so I was pumped for this trip! We arrived in Arizona on Wednesday and headed to our hotel, the Orchards Inn, in the heart of Sedona. You can NOT beat the view. We found the place on Google and decided to go with it according to good reviews on Yelp. They were right on. At about $200/night, it was worth it for a view like this out our back door: We were immediately pleased with our choice! The room was spacious, with a fireplace (not that we need that right now), a very comfortable, King size bed and couch. Thank … [Read more...]