The Car is a Death Trap & Other Terrifying Newborn Thoughts

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I've never fancied myself an "overprotective" person. I don't have OCD in any way -- and I'm not paranoid about getting sick, hurt or over-worrying about life-threatening circumstances. I didn't realize how much that would change when I had an actual, live human being to sustain that I (and God +fertility doctor+Rick) created in my own body. Erase everything I've ever felt, learned and thought -- I'm not the same person I was 11 days ago. I was warned about the overactive hormones, the possible daily crying, the hardship of having a newborn. So I was ready for it. But everything was different than I expected. The "hardship" isn't physically hard -- it's emotionally and mentally hard. The anxiety isn't about getting enough sleep -- … [Read more...]

Google Searches of a New Mom

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One thing I have found hilarious is the amount of Googling I've done since I went into labor. I know, everyone says -- don't Google it! But -- what am I supposed to do, have a doctor on call 24-7? I haven't had any really bad experiences with what I have Googled, though there are some questions that have so many varying answers I feel more confused than when I started. However, for the most part, the message boards and comfort that so many people have Googled the same things (as proven when Google auto-fills my question) makes me feel a little less neurotic. I thought it might be humorous to share with you some of the MANY things I have Googled in the past 8 days: Online breastfeeding support groups Alcohol while … [Read more...]

Expectation v. Reality: Labor & Delivery

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Boy did I have some misconceptions about labor, delivery & parenting a newborn (that's part 2). I read multiple books and took a few classes but it is just as they say -- you don't know until you experience it. I found myself with several revelations over the past week and wanted to share them with you. Labor Expectation: It will be one of the hardest, most painful experiences of your life -- to be dreaded! Reality: It was actually very exciting and positive. I know I was lucky to have a positive labor experience but with an epidural, the pain was totally fine and I spent the 14 hours of labor just looking so forward to meeting Jacob and enjoying that time leading up to it with my husband. I hope this helps some moms who have read … [Read more...]

Jacob’s Birth Story

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While it's fresh in my mind, I figured I'd get this online! So far, I'm certainly sleep deprived but don't feel like a zombie or anything. I'm sure it will catch up to me soon. This may be a little long but stick with me :) As some of you know, I did NOT expect to deliver early. The entire time, I've felt like I would be days late! I wasn't huge and since it was first baby, I figured it would take it's natural course (I have heard most first babies are a bit late.) Monday  Imagine my surprise when Monday night, my water broke! I had had a very active couple of days. Sunday, I walked 3.5 miles and did strength training. On Monday at lunchtime, I hit the gym and felt great. I even jogged a half mile and then did a mixture of … [Read more...]