Cherishing Every Moment — Even Now

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*No, that's NOT me :) Leave it to a great song to get you in the mood to write about something. Of course I spend many hours a day lately thinking about this baby growing. This baby that doesn't actually seem real yet but I know is real because he squirms around in there all the time. What else would it be? Right? There's a tendency to want to wish away these months -- not because I hate pregnancy -- but because I'm anxious to meet him! So this Brad Paisley song came on and I couldn't help but start tearing up thinking about gotta listen if you want to get the vibe of this post :) *Also, listening to Brad Paisley and country music takes me back to my younger days, when I would dream about having a family but had no … [Read more...]

The Tough Part About Announcing Pregnancy

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If you've read me before, you may have heard me say that I have wanted to be a Mom since I was about 16. I always had this longing to be I wanted to get married early and be "a young mom!" Well, things don't always work out as you planned them -- which is actually great in many respects. I'm sure that life would have been fine but I also would have missed out on a lot of cool other stuff that I didn't plan on. That being said, delayed marriage and infertility weren't part of my plan either. I thought the world would literally end if I wasn't married by 30 and well, obviously screw being a "young mom" then! The older you get, the younger 30 seems and getting married at 31 wasn't quite as elderly as I had thought it was … [Read more...]

Alaska Cruise 2: Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneau

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*Part I of Alaska Cruise Adventures¬† So, where did we leave off? I was about halfway through this thing when I stopped you mid-cruise but here we are to finish the job! That excursion on the boat in Juneau to see whales was one of the prettiest days I had, with some great photo ops. We didn't get rain and the sun even came out -- great! Then, we moved on to a few other gorgeous sites! Of course, we stopped in the evenings for some fabulous drinks, dinners and company! Glacier Bay We didn't get out of the boat here but instead cruised through these magnificent glaciers on crystal blue water. I never expected water in in Alaska to look like the Carribean but it did! Everything was different shades of blue and white and you … [Read more...]

Why You NEED to Use Emoticons

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I have fun with all those fun little emoticon dudes on my iphone sometimes, but mostly I think they are overkill. Unless... There is an appropriate time and place for emoticons and punctuation and a "ha ha" here and there. I'll tell you where. Emails and texts with people you don't know that well. I seriously need the reinforcement of a smiley face or exclamation point if anything you say could be taken in a negative tone. I, for example, am a little terrified that someone would take me for a jerk so I supplement all questionable messages with winks, "lols," exclamation points and plenty of reassurance that I'm truly a nice person. Perhaps it's overkill but I'd rather than than be misinterpreted. This happened to me recently via … [Read more...]