The Big Reveal: Our Son Has a Name

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Previous post: Seeking advice on all things breastfeeding! (So far, haven't gotten much!) 3-D Ultrasound So I went in for our 3D ultrasound this week but baby wasn't being very cooperative. We couldn't get a good view so they asked me to come back in another day. We tried again on Sunday but after 20 minutes of poking, prodding, breathing and jumping -- baby boy would STILL not move his hands or feet out of they way of his face. The VERY best we could do was the photo below: So you can see most of his nose and a little of the eyes but not exactly the crystal clear image we were hoping for (and that you most imagine with these 3D's). However, we are just happy that he is happy and healthy! The tech said he is just a very relaxed … [Read more...]

On Breastfeeding: I’m Starting to Get It


Confession time: I used to roll my eyes every time I saw someone making a big deal about breastfeeding in public. There have been all these campaigns about making it "okay" to breastfeed in public -- and I thought to myself...well, yeah, it IS okay. Are people really telling Moms they can't do it? (I mean, are they? Tell me!) The truth is, I have no idea how much of a problem it is. Is it something women are asked to stop doing in a lot of places? I have seen women breastfeeding all over the place and it's never bothered me -- nor have I ever witnessed anyone being asked to cover up. That being said, I DO believe in attempting to cover up at least a little bit.¬†Am I wrong in thinking a little discretion is good if you can help it? … [Read more...]

Body Love, Exercise & Tipping the Scales

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I haven't been bothered one bit by weight gain or body changes in the past 7 months. While I sometimes feel bad for eating too much, that's pretty par for the course. In the past, I probably would have worked out more to make up for it but now I just can't do that. And that's okay with me. In fact, it's helping me mold into an even healthier mindset. The thing is, I shouldn't be using extra exercise as a way to get rid of calories. I should eat what my body wants, make good choices and exercise should be a wholly separate function. Of course, fueling correctly is important but, you get my drift. Weight Confessions Today, I weigh 168 pounds -- which is the most I have ever weighed. I got up to 163 my sophomore year of college … [Read more...]

I Don’t Care About Privacy

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The Facebook privacy message has re-surfaced on the Internet. You know, the one where people copy/paste a message to their Facebook profile saying they don't consent for Facebook to legally use any of their photos, info, etc.? Yeah, well its all crap -- as Facebook and many hilarious fake messages making fun of it have shown. But it got me thinking -- I don't give a rip about my privacy. I don't care if the whole world sees all my photos. I have had this blog for 4.5 years and tried really hard to get people to come read about my life and share it with others on the Internet. I'm not sure the difference between me and other people -- those who lock their Instagram and Twitter accounts, don't become friends with anyone who isn't a … [Read more...]