Be Inspired & Get Comfy While You Work Out at Dick’s Sporting Goods


*This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own. Happy Monday everyone! First off, let me mention that these photos were taken awhile back so that's why you might be missing "the bump." However, I wanted to make sure I showed you some more (check out my first post here!) of the awesome stuff I recently snagged at DICK's! It seems like smaller brands first caught on to the "inspiration t-shirt" first but finally, the more mainstream brands are in on it. Brands like: Nike Reebok Calia by Carrie Under Armour You can see in the shirt above, the words read "Believe in Yourself." Even that little mantra is enough to make you feel a tad more invincible when you head out the door for a … [Read more...]

How To Scare the Crap Out Of An Expectant, First-Time Mom


*My nephew, Marshall, as a newborn. I'm not going to lie, you guys are scaring me. When you are trying and hoping to get pregnant, all you can think about it reaching that goal. The whole birth, newborn, being a mom thing is secondary. Then, you get pregnant and you are trying to learn stuff, plan a baby shower, adapt to bodily changes and also just enjoy having attained this coveted status of womanhood: pregnancy. But then you start reading stuff about what it's like to be a new mom -- and everyone starts freaking you out. There's lots of conversation about post-partum depression. At this point, I'm just assuming I'll have it. I'm prone to depression and don't deal well without routine, sleep or being house bound. Can you tell … [Read more...]

My Workout Modifications For Pregnancy

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.11.59 AM

I knew I would be an active mom-t0-be but I didn't know how pregnancy would affect me. Everywhere I looked it seemed like women just stopped working out in their first trimester. I went to yoga when I was about 8 weeks along and the teacher told me "Most women don't come in their first trimester because they are too tired." I was surprised to hear that and almost felt a little weird about attending while still in the first trimester. It wasn't exhaustion that was my problem, it was nausea. No matter what I did, I felt nauseous nearly 24 hours a day and though it was really hard to workout at all, I managed to do it about twice a week during the first trimester because it at least got my mind off the nausea (some...). I remember the first … [Read more...]

The Dog Days of Summer

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I'm trying to embrace the dog days of summer, as I know the warmth will soon leave us and I'll have a harder time getting around, as December draws near. But the down time of this summer, brought on by many changes that have occurred in the past 6 months, has been a struggle for me. Not being excessively busy and scheduled has left me feeling weirdly empty -- something that is really silly and that I need to get over -- but nonetheless, it's true. I know most women my age are complaining about how busy they are all the time. Some days, I wish I had that complaint! I know I will have that soon with baby coming, but the waiting period has been hard on my psyche for some reason. When I'm not busy, I feel kind of worthless -- like what am … [Read more...]