The Greatest Beauty Secret of All Time — And Its Free


I look best when I sweat. Without a speck of makeup, that pink glow rising to my cheeks, the glistening sparkle in my eye as endorphins make their moves. I hate being photographed without make up. But post-workout? No problem -- because there's something about getting my heart rate up and my brain on the move that makes a hidden beauty come out to play. Sweat is evidence of hard work. Sweat is progress towards a goal. Sweat is your negativity dripping out of you. Sweat is representing the best that you can be. When I sweat, everything seems possible and that realization appears on my face. My body rewards me by giving my mind and spirit a boost as well as my lungs and legs. People often say, "Oh I look horrible, I just … [Read more...]

13 Clear Ways to Spot a CrossFitter


I've  been there. I'm at the physical therapist doing some stretches when I glance down and see the telltale shoe. This girl is wearing Reebok Nanos, I think. I have to ask her about CrossFit, because we will then become instant friends. I'm walking home from the metro wearing my CF Games 2013 long sleeve t-shirt and a guy slows down to yell out the window, "Hey, I like your shirt!" Immediate kindred spirits. I'm leaving a hotel when I see a group of people all wearing t-shirts or jackets that say "Rogue" on the side. I have to stop myself from striking up conversation with my fellow warriors in the CrossFit culture battle. It's easy to spot a CrossFitter, and not just because most of us wear shirts emblazoned with the proud … [Read more...]

2014 CrossFit Games a Sweet Victory For Fan Favorites


*Don't miss my Part I of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games HERE* Wow, this year the Games seemed closer than ever! No one knew who would win but I was more informed and invested this year -- and had my favs. It was supposedly Rich Froning's last year in the Games and it didn't look like Annie Thorisdottir or Julie Foucher  were going to take first in in the beginning. With Sam Briggs and Lindsey Valenzuela (last year's first and second place winners) out -- there were so many ways it could have gone. It was exciting not knowing who would win, though it was pretty obvious Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (in photo above) was likely going to win the whole thing for women. I really really really didn't think Froning would pull at 4th win in a row -- but … [Read more...]

2014 CrossFit Games: Whopper of a First Day


Yesterday was Day #1 (for me) of the 2014 CrossFit Games in Carson, California. It was every bit as awesome and amazing as last year -- and then some. To begin, I'm staying at a gorgeous resort called Terranea on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It could NOT be more picturesque and Reebok went above and beyond to provide media with such a luxurious place to stay. I wish was staying a few extra days because the view is spectactular. The weather has been perfect and I am wondering why I do not live in Southern California for real. After a quick welcome session on Thursday night, we woke up early Friday for breakfast and a cool sneak peek into the Reebok store and inside baseball info on the new products. Reebok's CEO, head … [Read more...]