22 Mile Training Run: Should You Do It For Your Marathon?


Let me just say this: I have never done a 22 mile training run for a marathon. I've always thought I should  but never did. I thought this was the weekend to remedy that situation. Kind of. Here's the thing: This 20-miler has been hanging over my head for WEEKS. I was going to try for at least 2 of them but things kept getting in the way: like wanting to sleep in, lunch plans, stomach aches and well, just not wanting to spend 4 hours running alone on the weekend. But this Saturday it was happening. I would get up when I wanted and go as slow as I wanted and there would be no rush because I had no plans until like 4 or 5. Perfect. It makes me feel better doing 22 miles instead of 20 because...it just seems so much darn closer to … [Read more...]

CrossFit Junkie: Till the Last Rope Climb After the Time Cap


CrossFit brings together such a big variety of individuals and I think it's fun to spotlight some of those here -- specifically some of the awesome members of my home box, Trident CrossFit. You've read about Mason, Karla and Kelly in the past, but let me introduce to all-star coach and Navy veteran Herman Phillips. Like many, he was skeptical about trying CrossFit in the beginning but once he really got started, he was hooked. You all know, I'm a CrossFit junkie so it was fun reading this interview: What's your background? I'm a PROUD native Washingtonian; born and raised 5 blocks south of the original Walter Reed.  A career Navy guy, I originally came back to the area in 1998 for my first tour at the Pentagon. I never intended to … [Read more...]

Kenneth Cole #InspireGood: Why You Should Vote for My Mom


That's my Mom. She's been a nurse for over 20 years and she loves the people of Haiti. The thing about my Mom is that she's a helper -- her love language is "acts of kindness" (in my opinion) and she's been a role model for me in life. That's why I was really excited to find out she is a finalist in the Kenneth Cole (yeah, the shoes!) #InspireGood Contest. If she wins, they will donate an amount of money to a charity of her choice (she chose one in Haiti) and a trip to Kenneth Cole health center in Haiti. It couldn't be a more perfect contest for her to win. She's got such a heart for giving that she has been volunteering at various places my whole life. Right now, she is a volleyball coach for the Special Olympics and … [Read more...]

Exercise Lately: Hot Yoga, Running, CrossFit

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.17.59 PM

*Check out my latest piece on Balance Bar: Getting the Most Out of the Last Few Days of Summer First of all -- I got such a wonderful response from my last post. I felt a little naked putting it out there but I knew I'd get good feedback and hear from others who could relate. Thanks for prayers & love :) Runner's World Half-Marathon, 10k & 5k: It's coming next month & I'm going to be there, along with a ton of other fabulous bloggers -- no to mention hundreds of runners and everyone from the Runner's World crew. I've got discount codes for EVERYTHING so click here & consider joining us! Running Lately I've definitely gotten in some awesome sunrise runs lately -- it feels awesome. The weather is perfect warm fall and … [Read more...]