My Love

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I love this person and I thought I’d start the week being thankful for what he’s brought to my life. It’s been 16 months of learning, loving, understanding, laughing and living. We work hard for each other, to know, to breathe, to understand, to feel, to love. 
Being a partner to someone in life isn’t always easy...they really get to know all the ugly parts about you, the stuff you don’t want anyone to see or know. But when you come out of it and they love you anyway, that’s the sweet stuff, that’s the best stuff. That’s what Rick and I have gotten through in the past year and a half. 
I love that he makes me laugh every single day, that I know someone is excited to see me every night. When I was growing up, my Dad always believed in me — that I could do anything I wanted. I knew I would never be happy with a man unless he could make me feel that exact same way. And Rick does that for me. When I am discouraged or overwhelmed, he is always there to pick me up and remind me of what is possible. 
Through imperfections and tears and irritations and fears, we are there for each other. The way I love Rick is deeper and more meaningful than any I’ve ever known. It’s shown me, truly, there are shades of love. I think that love for a child is something you can’t understand until you have one. Love for your parents is different than love for your sisters or your friends. And love for your true love, your lover, the love of your life, that is a love all it’s own. It deserves more than a blog post but that’s what I’ll start with. 

I love you.

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