Thrusters: Going All Out

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So that’s basically how I felt after this morning’s workout.

Actually, I wasn’t that wasted but I was proud of myself today for really giving my all in the workout. I feel like normally I’m down a notch because I get overwelmed by how fast my heart is beating.

But today, we did thrusters and I pushed it hard. We did a bunch of other stuff but that was my focus. They are hard — and they had us doing Fran backwards! Normally I am a huge fan of the 21-15-9 sets that come with crossfit WOD’s because you keep thinking about the number going down. Going the other direction sucks!

WOD #1: 2 min. row, 10 Russian twists 5x
WOD #2: Thrusters, pull-ups 9-15-21

I ran the 1/2 mile there and back, came home and did an ab set. And DONE.

I’ve not had the will power to add any other cardio in this week. I know that’s okay but I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get used to short workouts. My head’s been kind of messing with me lately on body issues so I’m trying to scoot those out of town.

The truth is, if you are giving your all during the WOD, you won’t feel the energy or the need to do more. The few times that I’ve run 3-5 miles pre-WOD, I seriously felt like I could NOT do the job necessary. Everyone is different. Plus, I know this body isn’t going to change much without the diet aspect — which is 80%. The second half of my day is the downfall. Working on it…

Don’t Miss Out!

I’ve gushed about Trident Crossfit before. They are my box and I truly love working out with them each morning at 6am!

It takes hard working coaches with plenty of enthusiasm, variety and attitude to help you get your butt in gear — and that’s certainly the way of Trident.

But they offer more than just basic Crossfit classes. You can opt to sign up for the basic package and come in up to six days a week to work out. But, you can find even more great training if you want to step it up a notch. Here are a few things they offer:

  • Team Trident at the Regional Open Crossfit Games
  • Crossfit Kids
  • Booty Camp
  • Seal Fit
  • Crossfit Endurance
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Competitors Class

So…if you are in the area and looking to step up your Crossfit routine (or just get started), consider checking out Trident and their many programs. 

Check out their website to find the details and signups for all these classes.

People make all the difference in this experience and it’s worth it to go somewhere that the inspiration is on fire! That’s why I do :)

What was your work out today?  How often do you push it to the max? How do you find the inner strength to go all out when it’s SO hard sometimes?

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